Dynamic Soil-structure Interaction of High-rise Building with Massive Foundation

15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

著者 三辻和弥(山形大学) 藤原 薫(鈴木建築設計事務所)


In this paper, in order to discuss correlation between shear forces of building and foundation, dynamic soil-structure interaction of pile-foundation high-rise building with massive foundation is studied. Numerical simulation is organized based on the Penzien type model that can consider soil-structure interaction of pile-foundation building.
Eight types of building with different natural periods and two type of ground with different predominant periods.
Numerical results show that shear forces at the lowest floor of building and foundation behave in-phase in case of TBTG, respectively.
Cross correlation coefficients verify the results of time histories of shear forces of building and foundation.
Results can be relevant to correlation coefficients of CQC method to superposition shear forces of building and foundation for practical structural design of pile foundation buildings.

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